My Strength
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My Strength

The Strength of this woman is knowing…

When to not say anything

You told me I was special

No woman had ever treated you

with such love, and respect.

I scratched your head…while mine itched

You told me I was sweet

That no one could make you laugh, or shudder

Loved me to dress up just for you

Made your toes curl….. while I lay hungering…

 Momma taught me not to say anything

Never show your fears or tears

Say yes, when you mean no!

You told me that you needed me  

I wanted to believe you so….

Built me up with your big soft hands

Shoring me with tender kisses and promises of more

 You saw my dreams the ones you opened for me   

You saw my power coming on the wind

While I whispered visions of my tomorrow in your ears

Your fears and doubts began to take hold

No longer under your control

 Drinking in the golden liquid of courage

So you could savor the tearing down of my soul

You didn’t want to make this work

Not as pretty as your ex’s you kept nearby

Pictures like trophy’s to soothe your pride

They dressed right, they acted right…

Left their dreams at the side of the road

You said you have all you need

I realize it’s not enough for me….

I hold up my head, look you straight in the eye

Making my body stand tall, as…I walk by

Closing the door, I don’t hear you anymore

 Sitting in my car I cry

Knowing in my heart

Where my future really lies…

Not with you…..although I feel love stirring inside

Momma never taught me anything

It’s not her paradigm its mine

 One month later you call……

I quietly say goodbye…………


 By Celeste Duckworth

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


“My Strength” was just accepted by Big Table Publishing to be added to a book about, “A Woman’s Empowering Moment.”  Thanks Big Table…looking forward to reading the book…and other contributors…

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