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Remember Who You Are

Remember who you are!  You are ‘Royalty!’ Children of a Living God, who lives in your heart!  He is not sharing you with anything else because He has awesome plans for your life.  So remember when you walk into any room you bring the Kingdom, and they can’t help to notice you and remember!

Why else do you think you have haters?

Look today no matter what is thrown at you, do your best and ignore the haters! Haters just want to push you down!  Remember you got the ball in dodgeball!  You don’t have to duck and dodge.

Father watch over John-Michael, Sirena, Nichole, Justin and all our children and extended families keep them safe and well! Heal their bodies and bring them peace and give the knowledge and wisdom they need for every answer IJN

Love you guys hugs for each of you

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