What We Forget To Say
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What We Forget To Say

Just wanted to give you a positive affirmation.

You are very smart, beautiful, funny, witty, and an awesome friend and daughter.

We sometimes forget to say.  I don’t want to forget and I love that we can laugh together.

Everybody grows daily. The person who lays down at night is not the person who gets up the next day.  Yes, that person that got up looks like you, but there has been a change that even you might not be able to see. Trust that you grow daily. Every night you have to throw off the negatives of the day. So you wake up a new creature with new motivations.  Put your Armour on and your running shoes so you can resist or run away from the daily darts the world throws at you.

Write down your goals for the future no matter how big and hang them on your wall. It will be a great guide.

I love baby girl

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